Popular kitchen design styles 2024

kitchen design styles


In this post, our kitchen design team has curated the features of popular kitchen design styles including:

Hampton Kitchen Design

kitchen design styles hampton
Shaker-style cabinetry is a hallmark of the Hampton kitchen design style.

Originating from the luxury seaside retreats of the Hamptons, New York, this kitchen design style has a relaxed sophistication and classic aesthetic that is synonymous with beachside living – perfect for our coastal lifestyle in Sydney. The Hamptons kitchen design style is always on trend and is just as popular now as it ever has been.

Features of Hamptons kitchen design: 

  • a neutral colour palette with white, cream and soft pastels dominating
  • a light and airy atmosphere
  • glass fronted or open cabinets featuring elegant glassware and decorative pieces
  • shaker-style cabinets – a hallmark of the Hampton kitchen
  • stone benchtops that add a touch of sophistication and luxury
  • subway tile splashbacks – another hallmark of Hampton kitchens
  • accessorising with natural elements like wood, stone, clay, rattan and wicker – common uses include shelves, light fixtures and bar stools
  • statement light fixtures, typically hanging boldly over the large island bench, add both function and decoration

Whether you live by the coast, in the city or country, a Hampton kitchen design style is classic, timeless and functional.

Hampton kitchen design examples »

Modern Kitchen Design

kitchen design styles modern
With sleek lines, integrated appliances and seamless cabinetry, this kitchen typifies modern design.

Modern kitchen design features sleek lines, a minimalist approach and integrated technology culminating in function and practicality.

Features of modern kitchen design:

  • clean, straight lights and a minimalist design aesthetic
  • technology and smart appliance integration to enhance efficiency and convenience, like touch-screen refrigerators and programmable coffee makers
  • a spacious, clutter-free layout making clever storage design a priority
  • high contrasting colour schemes for a contemporary, dynamic look
  • the use of innovative materials including high gloss finishes and metallic elements
  • stone, concrete and stainless steel benchtops for easy maintenance and durability
  • a large, functional island benchtop for food preparation, dining and socialising
  • practical, energy-efficient pendant and recessed lighting that not only illuminates workspaces but adds a contemporary, often industrial, design aesthetic

Modern kitchen design should feature the seamless integration of both form and function, with clean lines, the use of innovative materials and smart technologies.

Modern kitchen design examples »

Natural Kitchen Design

kitchen design styles natural
Natural kitchen design features a warm colour palette and the use of natural materials.

Natural kitchen design is the trend toward natural stone, tactile textures, and earth-inspired styling.  The organic colour palette of warm beiges, natural browns, soothing greys and soft greens, exude a sense of calm and natural beauty.

Features of natural kitchen design:

  • natural stone surfaces (marble, granite and quartzite) are not only durable and hard-wearing but offer unique designs and patterns
  • earthy and muted colour palettes that exude calm and natural beauty
  • natural textures like raw wood and matt finishes
  • an infusion of natural light with a preference for avoiding artificial lighting
  • biophilic design that connects humans with nature
  • environmentally friendly, sustainable materials
  • organic and natural accessories like timber, clay and plants

This kitchen design style considers elements that exude calmness and organic beauty.

Natural kitchen design examples »

Country Kitchen Design

kitchen design styles country
The deep farmhouse sink and ornate tap are synonymous with a country kitchen design.

County-style kitchens (or farmhouse kitchens) encapsulate a feeling of warmth and cosiness, they exude charm and timeless appeal with features of rustic elements that signify a simpler time.

Features of country-style kitchen design:

  • a warm colour palette of cream and beige, soft yellows and muted greens, that create a welcoming and inviting ambience
  • a deep and wide farmhouse sink with decorative tapware – a hallmark of the country kitchen that adds a sense of nostalgia, rustic charm and elegance
  • use of natural and recycled materials like distressed timber shelving, hardwood, wrought iron
  • upcycled furniture and accessories – farmhouse table and chairs, recycled dressers
  • open shelving to display dishes, cookware and charming collectables
  • the use of traditional patterns and textiles like gingham, florals and checkered patterns
  • vintage-looking lighting, handles, knobs and fixtures
  • sliding barn door pantry
  • pendant lights with a hint of vintage or industrial flair or an elegant chandelier
  • vintage-inspired appliances on display in pastel or retro colours

The country-style or farmhouse kitchen design trend is a nod to a bygone era that embraces warmth and timeless design yet features all the modern conveniences of 21st century living.

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