Kitchen Design Tips – Function versus Style

kitchen design tips

Our kitchen design experts achieve the three important elements of great kitchen design – function, style and beauty.

When it comes to designing a new kitchen or renovating a new kitchen, most people are either very functional in life or tend to lean more towards the style of an item.

Functional people look at the function of the space, wanting to know where every item will go and make sure this will function correctly.

Whereas, style-conscious people are all about the overall look, which outweighs how the spaces work functionally.

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Our Top 7 Kitchen Design Tips

Function – Style – Beauty

At Northern Beaches Kitchens, our team use our experience and expertise to achieve the three important elements of great kitchen design – function, style and beauty.

  1. Functional kitchen design is all about minimal movement. This means placing items in positions to make your time in the kitchen easy and seamless.
  2. Positioning the dishwasher next to sink, typically under the draining board.
  3. Place cutlery inserts and plate drawers close to dishwasher for ease of unpacking.
  4. Position the spice rack or spice drawer near the cooktop.
  5. Create a pot drawer within arm’s length of the cooktop.
  6. Place the utensil drawer inserts next to the cooktop.

These simple tips, along with a little forethought into how you and your family use the kitchen, will be enjoyed for many years to come.


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