Organic colours and tactile textures are part of an emerging kitchen trend

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Sydney Kitchen Trends.

Our kitchen designers have noticed an emerging kitchen trend toward organic colour palettes, extensive use of natural stone, tactile textures, and earth-inspired styling. We anticipate this trend will continue into 2024 and for many years to come.

Organic stone surfaces.

One kitchen trend that is gaining in popularity is the use of natural stone.

Natural stones like marble, granite and quartzite are the perfect choice for benchtops, splashbacks and flooring in a kitchen.  Not only is natural stone durable and hard-wearing but is highly sought after because of its natural colour palette, unique design and patterns, and timeless appeal.

The veining and unique patterns of stone create a one-of-a-kind kitchen design unlike any other, adding a sense of luxury and prestige.

kitchen trends natural stone
The Quartzite stone splashback (called Taj Mahal) used in this Willoughby kitchen renovation compliments a natural kitchen design style.

Natural and earthy colour palettes.

Kitchen colour trends are often more about personal choice than what’s in vogue.  While vibrant colours and cool whites are still preferred by many of our clients, more broadly speaking, we’re noticing a trend toward earthy and muted tones. Think organic palettes like warm beiges, natural browns, soothing greys and soft greens – anything that exudes a sense of calm and natural beauty.

Natural textures.

Making a strong comeback in kitchen trends is the use of natural textures and tactile surfaces.

Raw wood and matt finishes are being used throughout entire kitchens or as features for the benchtops, cabinetry, handles and tapware.

The use of natural textures in kitchen design instantly elevates the space to more inviting and comfortable.

kitchen trends natural timber
The addition of natural timber to this modern kitchen instantly adds a sense of warmth and texture (about this kitchen renovation).

An infusion of natural light.

When designing a kitchen, we try to introduce natural light as much as possible. Clever window placement, the addition of skylights and the creation of reflective light surfaces, reduce the need for artificial lighting.

This concept is part of the biophilic kitchen design process which connects humans with nature.  Taking this one step further involves the strategic use of indoor plants creating a harmonious environment with a connection between the outdoors.

kitchen trends natural light
We installed windows on both walls of this North Shore kitchen to let in as much natural light as possible (about this kitchen renovation)

Sustainable materials.

Environmentally conscious design is a growing kitchen trend preferred by our clients.  Sustainable materials like recycled glass, bamboo cabinetry and reclaimed wood are just a few eco-friendly products being used in our kitchens. Not only does the use of sustainable materials contribute to a greener planet but adds uniqueness and character to any new kitchen or renovation.

Organic accessories.

A simple way to instantly add an organic and earthy vibe to an existing kitchen is the addition of natural accessories.  Whether it is a trailing plant or native flowers, a large wooden cutting board, or a gorgeous terracotta fruit bowl, adding accessories made from living and natural materials can bring warmth and harmony into a kitchen that feels sterile and lifeless.

kitchen trends timber accessories
Timber and clay accessories added to this Hampton’s style kitchen on the Northern Beaches instantly adds warmth (About this kitchen renovation »


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